The VarkOS Hosting Service - Hybrid VarkOS No. 1: Second Edition

If you are seeing this message, then either the website, gameserver, or virtual host for the specific user has NOT been created as of yet *OR* you are viewing from If you are not viewing from, then please contact the Server Owner at the email listed further down the page or through Discord (by direct PM or by the TVHS Discord Server). Thank you! :)

Important Information:

Server Owner: Mitchell "[~]RUFX[~]RoninMastaFX" LeBlanc
Server Owner Email: roninmastafx [at] gmail [dot] com (*NO* Spamming, Fake Giveaways & Fake "You won $$$" Type-Emails Please!!)
Server Staff: Mitchell "[~]RUFX[~]RoninMastaFX" LeBlanc, Pete "Hook" Morgan & Adam "Xaleros" Smith
Server Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Server ISP:, a division of TELUS Communications Inc.
Server Internet Connection Type: RG-6/U Coaxial
Server Internet Speed: 1 Gbps D/L - 50 Mbps U/L
Server OS: Gentoo Linux
Server Architecture: AMD64 (64-bit [x86_64] Multilib)
Server Usage: Gameserver, Webserver, Fileserver, Mailserver (coming soon...) & IRC Server
Server Name: The Very Awesome, Rad & Kinky Omniversal Server No. 1, MARK IV, aka "Hybrid VarkOS No. 1: Second Edition"
Server Hostname:

Important Links to visit from this server homepage:

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